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I am accepting the challenge! Are you?



By Diana Chavez,  ELT and OSLT Marketing, ESL Department at Mohawk College

What a wonderful experience attending #HIVEX2016 Engage! It was my first time at this amazing conference. I found myself in a great community of young emerging leaders and colleagues. It is delightful to know that there are organizations such as HIVE and Global Hamilton Connect working together with the purpose of empowering this young generation. It is a call to action, to be more involved and connected with Hamilton issues, vision and plans. I had the opportunity to contribute some ideas to the development of the City of Hamilton’s plan to bring the new Our Future Hamilton community vision into reality. It feels incredible to contribute at least in a small way to our future development in Hamilton!

One of the workshops that I enjoyed the most was “How to Have Better Ideas More Often” by Brandon Love. I love creativity and most of the time I like to be innovative and take the risk to do something different. However, there some times you find yourself running out of ideas. I couldn’t be more thankful to learn about the most innovative concept to develop ideas: “Brain-sprouting” and not judging ideas since that is the number one factor that stops ideas. Quantity is more important than quality in the creative process. The purpose is that at the end of the brain-sprouting process you will come up with a ‘Big Fish’, an incredible idea.

Why are ideas so important? They generate innovations and through them we can solve problems. And daily, we have a lot of problems to solve.  I had the pleasure to interchange business cards with Brandon Love and I hope we can connect in the future; I would like to connect him with other young professionals that could be very inspired and motivated by him.

Be authentic, be your own author! That’s what I learned in the final workshop, to reflect who I am, and how I present myself speaks through my personality.  I learned the importance of developing my brand as a professional, working on my appearance, my behavior and communication skills.

Finally, I just want to say. Yes, I am accepting the challenge – to go out of my comfort zone and grow as a person! I see myself challenged to step up and as Sevaun Palvetzian mentioned in her speech “…When you get to find a seat on a table, own it”! A very powerful statement! It means to me, to embrace my job place, go further, have creativity, take new initiatives and develop my leadership. Research, reload, refine and reinforce my ideas!

Thank you HIVEX 2016 for challenging and inspiring me to be a better person!

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