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GHC executive board: Vacancy posting

We have a new vacancy on our executive board that we are hoping to fill through an application process.

About us:

Our organization’s vision and operations are made entirely possible through the work of our volunteer ten-person executive. Our current executive comes from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences, united in their desire to improve the experience of young newcomers to our community.

The position offers a great opportunity to make a significant impact on the settlement, success and Canadian experience of thousands of newcomers to our community. Our mandate is formally recognized and supported by McMaster University, Mohawk College, City of Hamilton and many other community organizations. GHC also offers its board valuable hands on experience with networking, event planning, and leadership skills

Your role: The Board is responsible for managing the affairs of Global Hamilton Connect. It plans events and workshops, fosters connections, and takes action to further Global Hamilton Connect’s objectives to connect international students and young newcomers to the city.  Executive members are to reflect the vision and mandate of Global Hamilton Connect, actively work towards collective goals, and add value to the group.


  1. We are looking for members who have experience working with or have a strong interest to work with international students and young newcomers in Hamilton.
  2. The Board meets monthly after working hours, typically from 5:30-7 p.m.
  3. Additional attendance is expected to assist with GHC’s planned events (evenings and weekends) and outreach activities (e.g.: Hosting a table at McMaster and Mohawk’s new student orientation events).
  4. Members will serve a two-year term for each member (up until August 2019)
  5. Assist with the plans of the three subcommittees (Outreach, Public Relations, and Events)

Selection criteria: The Executive Board has organized a hiring committee that will select the candidates with the appropriate skills, attitudes, and experiences that work towards GHC’s mandate, while ensuring major sectors of the community are represented and gender and diversity balance are reflected. Our Board is also particularly interested in hearing from candidates with experience and interest in event planning and/or managing budgets.

Application Process:

When applying for the executive board member position, please attached your latest resume and  a cover letter (In no more than 300 words each):

  • Why you are interested in joining the Global Hamilton Connect’s Executive Board
  • What you hope to gain out of this experience
  • What you hope to contribute

Please email your resume & cover letter by January 26 by 4 p.m. to with the subject: “GHC Winter 2018 Executive Application.”


Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an interviews, held in downtown Hamilton, typically after 5 p.m. We will attempt to work around your schedule for alternative arrangements.

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GHC Ambassador

Want to connect international students to networks and opportunities in Hamilton?

Become a Global Hamilton Connect (GHC) Ambassador!

We are recruiting up to EIGHT (8) people to engage with international students and young immigrants.  GHC ambassadors will represent GHC on McMaster University and Mohawk College campuses and other Hamilton locations to:

  • Raise awareness of GHC, promote GHC activities, and solicit input on upcoming events and activities to our target audience of international students and young immigrants, through orientation week events, table displays, social media, and the like.
  • Share information with the target audience about other complementary organizations, services, and events that will ease the transition and settlement to Hamilton.
  • Assist with planning and delivery of GHC events as needed.

Each ambassador will receive an honorarium of $200. This project runs from January to April 2018.

Review the form below for more details and let us know how you would want to be involved. Application deadline currently slated for January 15.


Attend a conference – for FREE!

Global Hamilton Connect is offering up to eight (8) free tickets to the HIVEX young professional conference. Hosted by Hamilton HIVE, the conference is an event for students (international and Canadian-born) and young professionals to build new skills, learn about issues in Hamilton and network with industry experts. Participants will take part in workshops and be exposed to new ideas and discussions that can help advance their professional aspirations.

What: HIVEX: Engage, a young professional conference hosted by Hamilton HIVE
When: Saturday, November 5
Time: 8:45 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Where: The Cotton Factory, 270 Sherman Ave. North, Hamilton

Ticket cost is $45 BUT we are offering up to eight (8) FREE tickets!

Who is eligible for the free ticket?
Former and current international students studying in Hamilton and foreign-trained professionals.

16 workshops to choose from at HIVEX. Topics include:

  • Strategic volunteering and community development
  • Cross-industry mentoring
  • Personal branding for leadership success
  • Bringing Hamilton’s community vision to life
  • Communication and leadership dynamics

FULL details of the workshops at

Why attend?

  • Build leadership skills
  • Foster understanding of Hamilton and important issues in the city
  • Find out ways to get involved in Hamilton
  • Make new connections in Hamilton
  • Learn from established professionals, to enhance your education and career plans
  • Be inspired and empowered to make a difference!

Successful applicants are expected to attend the entire conference, with the option to stay for the after-party and community trade show (5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.) The free ticket does not cover transportation. Participants are expected to find their own transportation to The Cotton Factory, either by bus or other options.

Yes, I want to attend HIVEX for free! What do I need to do?

1. Submit a statement of interest (250 words max.) answering:

  • What do I hope to learn from the HIVEX conference?

2. (If selected) After attending HIVEX:

Submit a blog post reflecting on your experience at the conference. Think about:

  • What have you learned?
  • How has HIVEX made you feel more connected to issues in Hamilton?
  • What were some connections made at HIVEX?
  • Anything else from the conference that has inspired you?

Your blog post will be posted on Global Hamilton Connect’s website ( to share with others the outcomes and key learnings from the conference.

Email your statement of interest to